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2022 Meat N' Bone Thanksgiving Guide

So Thanksgiving 2022 is around the corner. The news has everyone freaking out about possibly price increases and a wide-scale turkey shortage. At Meat N' Bone, we already know our birds will be healthy and prices will be in line with prior years so fear not.

Beyond turkey, we have some new amazing options for everyone at every budget. Some require more cooking skills than others, but life is about trying new things and having fun doing them with people that you love!

Just remember that you can cook just about anything for Thanksgiving. After all it is about sharing good food, with good friends and people you love. This guide of course, also applies for Friendsgiving!

Brisket: Fun, Delicious And An Inexpensive Way To Feed An Army

Skill Required to prepare: Medium | Time to Prep/Cook:  6+ hrs 

Brisket may be my very best favorite cook. A packer's brisket starts out at roughly 16-20 lbs. After trimming and cooking the yield of actually edible brisket is about 50% of its starting weight. There is something fun about trimming your brisket, nurturing it and cooking slow and low for hours. There are a myriad of techniques to cook a brisket and they all work.

Briskets are underrated. A High quality Brisket (like the ones we sell) can be as good as any premium cut. Yes, it does require some time to cook and a it of prep... but they payoff is worth it. I would put our Full Blood Wagyu Brisket up there with any New York Strip or Ribeye. Brisket also offers two types of mean, leaner and fattier... so it usually pleases everyone!

If you want to elevate your dinner without breaking the bank. Go for a Wagyu Brisket or a Full Blood Wagyu Brisket.

Turkey: The Thanksgiving Classic

Skill Required to prepare: Medium (Breast: Easy) | Time to Prep/Cook:  2-4 hrs 
The most traditional thanksgiving dinner is turkey. Heck, a lot of people only eat turkey in thanksgiving. Turkey is fairly easy to roast, the key is to have high quality turkey.... We decided to offer all natural turkeys raised in Amish farms in the US MidWest.

Never cooked a turkey? Do not be afraid. Just follow this simple recipe from Delish. You could also NOT cook a whole Turkey and go for the type of Turkey Meat you like. A turkey Breast or Turkey Drumsticks can be just as good.

Turkey Breasts are usually though to find, but if you like smoking meats this may be the one for you. Last year we spend quite some time with our friend and chef Ken Hass smoking Turkeys and I have to say his Turkey Breasts are unmatched. For the average cook, a turkey breast is a much easier cook than a whole turkey and just as delicious.. although that "WOW" factor may not be there.

Prime Rib: The Dish That Never Disappoints

Skill Required to prepare: Low | Time to Prep/Cook:  2-4 hrs | Serves 6-16
Prime Rib is the "premium" thanksgiving dinner and it never disappoints. The Prime Rib primal cut is where we find the most tender, flavorful and desirable steaks in a steer/cow. In layman's words, the Prime Rib is where the flavor is at. The Prime Rib is the undisputed KING of large cuts of beef.

One of the reasons Prime Rib is such a popular holiday dish is that it has generous servings. A five-bone roast will serve 10 people, plan on one rib for every two diners.

Prime Rib does NOT need to be marinated if it is of high quality. It is a simple cook for anyone to do. After that, whether you prefer to grill it or roast it, its up to you. Both will be extremely tasty. Just follow the recipe in the video above and you will NOT be dissapointed.
We sell Prime Rib in 2 specs. You can buy a 3-rib roast or a full rack. A 3-bone roast will serve 5-7 people, while a full rack will be enough for 14-18 people.

Whole Goose: If Turkey Was Red Meat, It Would Be Called Goose

If you are looking for a more flavorful option for Turkey on Thanksgiving look no further. We have secured a very limited supply of goose. Goose are the pigs of the sky. Unlike turkey, they have plenty of fat, and fat is flavor. Geeze is closer to red meat than it is to turkey, it's not too far off from duck.

All the fat in the geese makes It a bit trickier to cook, but that also makes it more fun.

Feast On Japanese A5 Wagyu Steaks

Skill Required to prepare: Low | Time to Prep/Cook:  2-4 hrs | Serves Varies At Meat N' Bone we do one thing very well. We source high quality products and there is no better proof of that than our collection of Japanese Wagyu. Check out the page we developed with the government of Japan to educate the consumer about Wagyu and showcase our collection.

 Japanese Wagyu is extremely easy to cook (see video above). We love mixing Japanese Wagyu with other Wagyu and even Prime Steaks... add lobster or crab and turn it into a feast!

Suckling Pig: The King Of Flavor

Skill Required to prepare: Low-Medium | Time to Prep/Cook: > 4 hrs | Serves 20
There is simply nothing with so much flavor as a Suckling Pig. If you have never cooked a suckling pig, we have made it easy for you with this recipe.
Also known as Cochinillo, Lechon, Spanferkel or Cochon de lait, a suckling pig is a piglet that is fed mostly on its mother's milk and slaughtered between the ages of two and six weeks. Suckling pig meat has less fat than an adult pig (about 40%) and it is said that consuming it does not increase cholesterol levels (but what do we know.. it is delicious!).

The meat is pink or pale red, and it has a fresh smell, like a young, unweaned animal. Its texture is firm, but not hard.

Suckling Pig is the ULTIMATE thanksgiving dish... and we offer the best suckling pigs all around. We carry Domestic and Spanish Suckling Pigs.

Go Game With An Elk Rib Rack

Skill Required to prepare: Medium | Time to Prep/Cook:  2-4 hrs | Serves 4-10 This is an unconventional option for someone who wants a taste of the woods. We work with Cervena Elk which means you’re guaranteed some of the most tender, delicious elk you’ve ever tasted. They’re raised naturally on the open farmlands of New Zealand where they roam and graze on some of the purest grass in existence.

How to cook it? Check out this video which Captain Ron did for Meat N' Bone and FOGO Charcoal.

Rare or medium rare is recommended. 130 to 145 degrees Fahrenheit. If you overcook it, it will taste gamey. You can slow roast it, grill it or cut it into individual portions and pan-fry it.

Eat The Largest Prawns In America

By now you should know Meat N' Bone sells the finest seafood money can buy. From sushi grade fish (yeah, we know that term is all marketing) to delicious lobster.

However, when it comes to special occasions we would go for the African Tiger Prawns. They are FUN to look at, taste better than lobster and are just impressive. We carry them in 2 sizes, U2 and U4. Both taste similar.. but if I were to pick I would always go for the U2. There is something just right about a Prawn that doesn't fit on my largest cast iron. You can follow the steps to cook them perfectly on the video above!

Whole Tenderloin In A Blanket Of Bacon

Skill Required to prepare: Low | Time to Prep/Cook: < 1.5 hrs | Serves 7-11  If you are hosting a smaller group, perhaps 6-10 guests, there is nothing like a whole tenderloin. A proper USDA Prime or Wagyu whole tenderloin will melt in your mouth.. and if you wrap it in bacon right before oven-roasting it... well... it will be a party of flavor and juicy tender meat right in your mouth.

Cooking it is fairly simple. First, add salt and perhaps a couple pieces of garlic. Next, wrap with bacon (use wooden sticks to keep the bacon in place). The more greasy the bacon is, the better. We like the Benton's Bacon as it is very smoky and adds a TON of Flavor.  You want that tenderloin to SOAK all the grease and flavor when you cook it.

As for cooking, oven-bake or grill until ready. We recommend cooking it to medium. (Guy Fieri actually has a good recipe for it).
One of the cooler things about this dish is that it takes no more than an hour to prepare and it does not take a lot of skill.

Our Tenderloins are usually 3.5 - 4 lbs and will serve from 7-11 people. But we do have larger Tenderloins. For smaller sizes go with a Chateubriand

Now, you could always do a good old BBQ for Thanksgiving. It may even be more fun! If you have any questions, give us a call. Our team members are always willing to help.

Whole Brisket (Packer Style) | USDA Prime

Competition Brisket

Premium Wagyu Beef Belly (Navel) | American Wagyu...

9 lbs | Domestic Wagyu

Whole Brisket Wagyu (Packer Style) | BMS 7+

Competition Brisket


Brisket (Flat) | G1 Certified

Pure Bred Wagyu Brisket (Packer Style) | BMS9+

Full Blood Wagyu | BMS9+

Whole Brisket (Packer Style) | 100% Grass Fed...

Competition Brisket

Dry Aged Brisket Burgers

2 Lbs (4 Patties | Dry Aged)

Amish Turkey

All Natural, raised in the MidWest by Amish Families

Suckling Pig (Cochinillo) | Domestic

8 - 10 lbs | Fed only on Mother's Milk


100% Iberico Cochinillo | Suckling Pig

Fed only on Mother's Milk

Wapiti Elk Rib Rack | Frenched

2.7-3.2 lbs

African Tiger Prawns | Wild Caught

U-4 | 4 Per Pack


Monster African Tiger Prawns | Wild Caught

2 Prawns per Pack


Iberico Pork Tenderloin

From Spain


Pork Tenderloin | Iberian Duroc Pork

0.8-1.2 Lbs | Niman Ranch | Premium Pork


Whole Tenderloin | G1 Certified


Whole Tenderloin | USDA Prime

USDA Prime

Chateaubriand Filet Mignon | G1 Certified

Tenderloin Center | 24oz



Whole Tenderloin | MiyazakiGyu Japanese Wagyu A5

Winner 2007 and 2012 Wagyu Olympics


Whole Tenderloin | Wagyu-Angus Cross

5 Lbs

Whole Tenderloin | Kagoshima Japanese Wagyu A5

Winner 2007 and 2012 Wagyu Olympics

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